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Ulku Ceylan

ulku ceylan

She completed her undergraduate education in ITU Control and Computer Engineering and her master’s degree in Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering.

Between 1989 and 2010, she worked in both Technical, Sales and Management roles at IBM Turk,  gaining deep experience in the IT Sector. She has made a change in her career to offer “Human Resources Management solutions to the Technology Sector” in order to share the experience she has gained since 2010 in technology sector. She completed Anadolu University Human Resources Management department and received various coaching and personal development trainings in order to improve herself in human resources field. She started to offer Human Resources Solutions in the field of technology since

2012 and became the founding partner of Astera Human Resources and Consulting Company in 2014. As of 2020, she became the owner of Astera. Now, together with a team of experts experienced in the field of technology, she provides services in a wide portfolio ranging from selection and placement to organization consultancy, both to IT Sector companies and institutions that have targeted digital transformation.

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