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Career Counseling


We Are Ready To Support You With Our Expert Team At Every Moment Of Your Professional Career Life.

To support professionals with expert opinion during an important change, at a critical doorstep of career, at a certain seniority or promotion, while developing the skills required by technology in corporate life is one of the expertise area of Astera Consultants.

Astera offers Career Consultancy service that will contribute to the professional career planning process with its experience and HR expertise to individuals who seek support in the decision-making process by looking at alternatives, and who approach their career proactively to plan the next steps in their current job.

We Are With You During Difficult Turns In Your Career

Every individual born to achieve a purpose and has values that make him/her different from others in essense. When the person cannot find their values in the work environment and the task they undertake, they start to experience internal conflicts, which prevents them from being productive and permanent enough.

Coaching; It is a process of change and development for the counselee. It aims to create change by increasing the awareness of the counselee, expanding his/her choices and increasing his/her self-confidence. It helps the counselee to take action and formulate strategies to achieve specific goals in his business or personal life.


We Are With You With Our 20+ Years of Technology Experience

Technology Focused Boutique Service Approach

We focus only on top-level positions in the field of technology, working with a candidate database that is referenced or directly accessible.

We Save Time for Customers and Candidates

With our experience in the sector, we save time with suitable solutions for customers and candidates.

High Success Rates in Recruitment Projects

We attach importance to understanding not only our customers but also our candidates in terms of career goals, and we achieve results with the right matching and process management.


We're Looking Answers Questions on Career Counseling Process.


Who am I?

What makes me unique? What are my strengths? What will I be unhappy if I give up?


What Do I Want To Do?

What is my next goal?


What Do I Want To Change?

What do I want to deal with?


Where I am ?

What is my current truth about the topic I want to change? Where am I in my goal that I want to reach?


What will I do?

What should I take into my life to reach this goal? What should I get out of my life? What different options and points of view will I use?


Those Who Prefer Us

“Her command of technology makes her a strong recruitment consultant and reliable business partner for an organization looking for the right talent. In addition to her strong judgment, she is also extremely customer-oriented, more importantly, open to discussion of any idea for the quality of the work are. I strongly recommend that you work with her for your recruitment needs.``

Özlem Pehlivan

SAP Turkey - Recruitment Lead for Turkey & Greece

“The recruitment process is a process that looks easy from the outside but has many difficulties in itself. It is very difficult to manage many activities such as finding the right potential candidates, presenting qualified candidates by filtering them with the right questions, checking the reference of the selected candidate with unwritten confidentiality rules and concluding them in a short time. I would like to state that they are very successful in managing the processes I described above with great professionalism and meticulousness and creating results that will satisfy both sides with the right outputs. Hope to be able to work together again on new projects.``

Hasan Gultekin

Broadcom Inc – Country Leader

“We met Ülkü Ceylan after going through a long and unfortunately unsuccessful research process in order to find new friends that we needed to include in our world as soon as possible. Ms. Ceylan take over the this process, which became a crisis for us, in an extremely professional and meticulous manner, and we filled our 3 critical positions with very correct friends shortly after we started working with her. I observed that Ms. Ceylan correctly perceived our needs and made very accurate analyzes, so she carried out target-oriented, efficient and fast work. I thank her and wish her continued success.”

Sevil Kanat

Epson - Country Leader


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