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ref sap
Ozlem Pehlivan

Recruitment Lead for Turkey & Greece – SAP Türkiye

“Her command of technology makes her a strong recruitment consultant and reliable business partner for an organization looking for the right talent. In addition to her strong judgment, she is also extremely customer-oriented, more importantly, open to discussion of any idea for the quality of the work are. I strongly recommend that you work with her for your recruitment needs.”

ref broadcom
Hasan Gultekin

Bluecoat / Broadcom – Country Manager

“The recruitment process is a process that looks easy from the outside but has many difficulties in itself. It is very difficult to manage many activities such as finding the right potential candidates, presenting qualified candidates by filtering them with the right questions, checking the reference of the selected candidate with unwritten confidentiality rules and concluding them in a short time. I would like to state that they are very successful in managing the processes I described above with great professionalism and meticulousness and creating results that will satisfy both sides with the right outputs. Hope to be able to work together again on new projects.”

ref epson
Sevil Kanat

EPSON – Country Manager

“We met Ülkü Ceylan after going through a long and unfortunately unsuccessful research process in order to find new friends that we needed to include in our world as soon as possible. Ms. Ceylan take over the this process, which became a crisis for us, in an extremely professional and meticulous manner, and we filled our 3 critical positions with very correct friends shortly after we started working with her. I observed that Ms. Ceylan correctly perceived our needs and made very accurate analyzes, so she carried out target-oriented, efficient and fast work. I thank her and wish her continued success.”

ref datamarket
Nilgun Boyla

DATAMARKET – Deputy General Manager

“I believe that Astera, who always adopt a professional manner, provides value ad for the IT Sector though HR Consultancy and Recruitment services with her industrial know-how and managerial experiences. We have been actively collaborating with her since the day she has been in search&selection business. She has contributed to our recruitment processes by matching candidates accurately, and accompanying us during the candidate interviews by bringing a new perspective. She has always managed this process efficiently by abiding her values of transparency, honesty and trust.”

ref enocta
Umit Ilhan

Enocta – Deputy General Manager

“We had a chance to work with Ayşegül Tekin for several positions at Enocta and Probil Bilgi İşlem where I have been the Human Resources Director. We have completed our searching process for the positions of Sales Manager, Network Specialist, Project Manager and Enterprise Systems Manager, in a short time period. The process which has started by defining our expectations and company goals has continued with successful shortlists matching the requirements. She has helped us to find the right candidates by accurate analysis and making sure the consistency between the candidates’ expectations and company demands/our culture. Her IT sector knowledge, technology knowledge and sales experience are the key factors leads to success.In addition to these, her fast, result-oriented and fair approach make her a business partner who adds value.”

ref borusan
Ümit Aslantekin

Borusan Holding – CIO

“Astera ile özellikle altyapı ve güvenlik konularında hem uzman hem de yönetici seviyesinde adayların sağlanmasında uzun zamandır çalışıyoruz. Aynı dilden konuştuğumuz, bizi yormayan ve en önemlisi kendi içimizde bulunduramayacağımız bir İK uzmanlığını sanki organizasyonumuzun bir parçasıymış gibi servis olarak sunan profesyonel bir iş ortağımız. Bu alanda çözüm arayan bütün şirketlere tavsiye ederim.”

Tijen Armağan

Zero Density – Country Manager

“Kurucularını sektörden uzun süredir tanıdığım Astera ile farklı pozisyonlardaki işe alım ihtiyaçlarımızda beraber çalıştık. Özellikle teknoloji konusunda bilgileri ve teknoloji sektöründeki tecrübeleri ile Satış, Developer, Teknik Destek pozisyonlardaki açık pozisyonlarımızı kısa sürede doğru adaylarla kapatılmasını sağladılar. Titiz ve profesyonel yaklaşımları, firmanın ihtiyacını doğru anlama, doğru adaylara erişme ve pozisyonu doğru anlatma ve ikna etme yetkinlikleri ile açık pozisyonlarımızı doğru adaylarla doldurmamız konusunda işe alım danışmanımız olarak beklentilerimizi karşıladılar. Özellikle Developer konusunda işe alım ihtiyaçlarınızda teknik backgroundları ile fark yarattıklarını ve bu konuda müşterinin ihtiyacını anlayıp, doğru adaya erişme konusunda büyük tecrübeleri olduğunu düşünüyorum. Yeniden oluşacak işe alım ihtiyaçlarımızda kendileri ile kesinlikle çalışırım ve kurumsal firmalara öneririm”

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